I am writer and designer living and working in Brighton, England. I graduated with a BA (Hons) in modern history from Birmingham University (UK). I chose to write my dissertation on the subject of football history (The Influence of Politics on International Football During the Years of Appeasement)Following university I travelled the world, resolving on my return to start my own retro football shirt company, which I did, successfully supplying Football League club shops with my own creations.

During this time I retrained as a graphic designer at Northbrook College. Again, I turned to football for my dissertation (To What Extent is the Football Shirt a Blank canvass?) I have since turned to freelance writing and design and am the author of The Creative Writer’s Notebook, Just Write One Thing Today, and Just Draw One Thing Today.

I still maintain my interest in all things football-shirt-history related and so started to once again write on the subject through my blog, Zooligan.